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For the TDTV special daily coverage of the 2012 London Olympic Games, click here.

Season One – Premiered Wednesday May 16, 2012.

TD TV Episode One – Music with Jaydo – Jaydo Williams joins Thomas on TDTV to talk about music and share his talent on the guitar. (4.21)

TD TV Episode Two – Inspirational guest – Kerry Dullard – talks to TDTV about mothers day, spoiling your mum, family and kissing MS goodbye. (4.06)

TD TV Episode Three – The essence of the Snow – Mark “Charlie” Charleson joins TD to try explain what the snow is all about ahead of this years Victorian snow season.

TD TV Episode Four – RMIT University and beyond – TD talks to Andrew Price and Lachlan Dyson about RMIT University and what studying is all about.

TD TV Episode Five – AFL Grand Finals with Neilos –  Neil Lardner talks about AFL Grand Finals.  From AFL Grand Final winners, losers and all Norm Smith medal winners, Neil knows it all.

TDTV Episode SixAt home with an upbeat tone – TD explores his home town of Swan Hill. With some upbeat rhyming, TDTV explains what the Swan Hill region – the heart of the Murray – is all about.

TDTV Episode Seven – Cooking a chicken pie with Bryan Pye – We cook a chicken pie with Bryan Pye. One of the most anticipated and best produced episodes yet.

TDTV Episode Eight – Country Sport – we take a close look at what country sport is all about.  A basic and informative episode that especially captures the essence of country footy.

TDTV Episode Nine – Geocaching – In week nine of TDTV, we become involved in a new adventure craze called “geocaching”. Find out what these outdoor adventures are all about.

TDTV Episode Ten – Season One Finale – Season one of TDTV comes to an end with a big season finale. We take a look at some of the faces that have made TDTV so special in the inaugural season of TDTV.

TDTV – Behind the Scenes – Find out what it takes to put an episode of TDTV together on a Sunday, and take a look at a few of the stuff ups that have piled up from season one.

The quick and witty TV short stories will be perfect for the online medium, meeting the needs of the general online consumer.

TD TV has an aim to generate short videos covering news, current affairs, music, politics, finance and sport – plus any reasonable requests.

TD TV will include guests – with some initial ideas to cover finance (with a young financial advisor), music (with an up and coming guitarist), fashion (with a self proclaimed fashion guru), sport (an opinionated sports lover).