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Tall Ship Sailing and Science_Radio report

Tall Ship sailing and science. Oosterschelde.mp3. Reporter: Thomas Dullard Presenter Intro: Tall Ships have long been connected to the world’s earliest stories of exploration. Remarkably, the science behind sailing with the wind and the water… Continue reading

The farming fundamentals – A unique feature article on farming

(As submitted for an RMIT Journalism Advanced Print assignment) Three unique farmers help Thomas Dullard explore and explain modern day farming on the brink of harvest 2012.   There have been colossal changes… Continue reading

The Blacks own story – double premiership glory

More Grand Final football stories were etched over the weekend as plenty  will continue to develop over the coming weeks. A story just as big as any other is the dual premiership glory… Continue reading

Mallee Farmers at the cross roads – Spring rains hold the key to production.

Mallee farmers should benefit from surging wheat prices if forecasted rain arrives in the next month. Growers throughout the region are in a promising position for the 2012/13 harvest, with crucial rains expected… Continue reading

TDTV Olympic Rap – Wrapping up the London Olympics

An informative, light hearted and entertaining wrap up of the 2012 London Games, in the form of a rap. Wrapping up the TDTV Olympic coverage. http://www.thomassherlock.com was an Olympic space for two-weeks during… Continue reading

A Sporting Life – Xavier Moloney

A Sporting Life – written by Thomas Dullard and published in the Guardian Newspaper  SWAN Hill Football Club’s Xavier Moloney has achieved more than most since moving to Swan Hill three years ago.… Continue reading

TDTV Episode 4 – RMIT University and beyond

In week four of TDTV, Thomas DUllard is joined by aspiring journalists Lachlan Dyson and Andrew Price to talk about RMIT University and studying as a whole. Enjoy, share and be happy!

The 2012 London Olympics – Young journalists are ready

Believe it or not, the 2012 Olympic games are fast approaching. In less than two months, the Olympics will captivate the world. The games have come to be regarded as the world’s leading… Continue reading

Melbourne media tackled over Origin coverage

By Thomas Dullard. An assessed blog post for Online Journalism at RMIT University. This week the State of Origin rolled into Melbourne, and the media has been forced to roll with the punches… Continue reading

Online media – Booming journalism or blurring journalism?

By Thomas Dullard. An assessed blog post for Online Journalism at RMIT University. Online news blunders, bungles and bloopers are blurring journalism boundaries. In an embarrassing online mistake, Channel Nine spoiled the finale of its very… Continue reading