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TDTV Olympic Rap – Wrapping up the London Olympics

An informative, light hearted and entertaining wrap up of the 2012 London Games, in the form of a rap. Wrapping up the TDTV Olympic coverage. http://www.thomassherlock.com was an Olympic space for two-weeks during… Continue reading

10 memorable moments from the 2012 London Olympics

As expected, the 2012 London Games threw up some memorable moments that will go down in Olympic history. The Olympic spirit shined brightly over London with performances of sportsmanship and spirit. It is… Continue reading

Olympics – Impressive, Exhilarating, Triumph, Disaster and Courage

The world continues to enjoy the chance to sit back and relish the impressive, exhilarating, unforgettable mix of triumph and disaster that is forming the 2012 London Olympic Games. Impressive –  America’s stronghold… Continue reading

TDTV Olympics Update – Day 6

Friday’s fast Olympic update comes from the news couch at the lodge. Get the overnight headlines from London quickly with these TDTV Olympic specials. Don’t forget to click back throughout the day for… Continue reading

TDTV Olympics Update – Day 4

Get some quick and exciting updates of the the biggest headlines from Day 4 of the Olympic Games right here at http://www.thomassherlock.com The Good news Alicia Coutts and Bronte Barrett snap up two… Continue reading

USA Swimmers – “Call me Maybe” parody – Ft. Missy Franklin

Unfortunately Missy Franklin narrowly pipped Australian Emily Seebohm in the 100m backstroke over night to win the gold medal. Despite the the intense rivalry between Australia and the America, the USA swim team… Continue reading