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Seoul: “I wouldn’t change a thing”

I went to Seoul, South Korea with very little expectations. And the entire journey, from my professional development to my adventures, blew my mind, I wouldn’t change a thing. I managed to work… Continue reading

TDTV: An international episode from Seoul, South Korea

TDTV explores the goodness that Seoul, South Korea has to offer. Despite the endless misconceptions that surround Korea, it is actually a vibrant city with the perfect balance between tradition and technology.  TDTV… Continue reading

An Australian intern Abroad

A weird intern Australian Abroad. You would probably be well within your rights to think I was a bit of a weirdo to travel to Korea, a country I had never really known… Continue reading

The Seoul Experience

Part two of two of my memoirs from Seoul. A more personalised article detailing my experiences and the fun involved during my internship in Seoul. Have you ever had any desires to teeter… Continue reading

The Whole Seoul Story

Part one of a two part memoir from my time in Seoul. This article is a more structured piece informing readers what Seoul and Korea is all about… The history, the people, the… Continue reading

Kind Korea. Thank-You

Korean people are kind people. A prime example. my first interaction with a Korean in Korea. A nice and somewhat unexpected welcome to the country that left a lasting impression on me and… Continue reading

Australia Day in Seoul, South Korea

Beaches, barbeques and beer are traditionally bound up around Australia Day, not sub zero temperatures in Seoul, South Korea. Nonetheless, the Australian Embassy Seoul managed to successfully stage an extravagant Australia Day at… Continue reading