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Australian Government committed to action for the intellectually disabled

There are in excess of one billion people with disability throughout the world. The estimated 4 million Australians who have a permanent disability regularly face life long struggles in society and are more… Continue reading

TDTV Olympic Rap – Wrapping up the London Olympics

An informative, light hearted and entertaining wrap up of the 2012 London Games, in the form of a rap. Wrapping up the TDTV Olympic coverage. http://www.thomassherlock.com was an Olympic space for two-weeks during… Continue reading

10 memorable moments from the 2012 London Olympics

As expected, the 2012 London Games threw up some memorable moments that will go down in Olympic history. The Olympic spirit shined brightly over London with performances of sportsmanship and spirit. It is… Continue reading

TDTV Olympic Special – Final day

Australia had no luck with the medals on the final day of competition, but on the last day of the TDTV Olympic updates we wrap up the closing weekend of Olympic action, with… Continue reading

Putting a price on the Olympic Games

There has been fierce competition as contestants “go for gold”. For London to become the host was an entirely different competition; stretching back to 1997 when the British Olympic Association first began working… Continue reading

A golden day for Aussie girls

Our Australian women have led the way in London overnight, Sally Pearson and Anna Meares are the latest Aussie’s to win gold at the Games. Sally Pearson 100m hurdles gold medal will go… Continue reading

Gold, Silver or Bronze – a medal of honour

As predicted, the Olympics are continually creating stories of success and failure. The great thing about the Olympic games are the medals – all of which hold enormous significance. The hype around the… Continue reading

Olympics – Impressive, Exhilarating, Triumph, Disaster and Courage

The world continues to enjoy the chance to sit back and relish the impressive, exhilarating, unforgettable mix of triumph and disaster that is forming the 2012 London Olympic Games. Impressive –  America’s stronghold… Continue reading

What the Olympic Games mean – more than just medals

The Olympics have engulfed the world, and although Swan Hill’s (my hometown) main connection to the 2012 London Games has been cut short, the region can still look forward to being captured by… Continue reading

TDTV Olympics Update – Day 6

Friday’s fast Olympic update comes from the news couch at the lodge. Get the overnight headlines from London quickly with these TDTV Olympic specials. Don’t forget to click back throughout the day for… Continue reading