Simpson celebrates Sabantuy

The Tatarstan region changed the date of its national holiday Sabantuy to give Universiade athletes, officials and delegates from around the world an opportunity to join in the celebrations. And English tennis player,… Continue reading

The first Universiade museum

Athletes, coaches and officials are regularly filtering through the first ever Universiade museum to get a photo with the relay torch and be updated on the history of the games. Aaron Blanco Rodriguez… Continue reading

A day with the UK

The United Kingdom always feature strongly in top world sporting events. They finished third with five more gold medals (29) than Russia when they hosted the London Olympics last year. At the Delhi… Continue reading

Catherine Skinner wins gold_TDTV

Catherine Skinner from RMIT in Melbourne Australia wins gold in the women’s trap shooting at the 2013 Summer Universiade in Kazan, Russia. Originally from Mansfield, at the bottom of the Victorian Alpine Region,… Continue reading

Raymundo is Auruba’s…wait for it…Chess coach

A qualified archaeologist, an aspiring politician,  the national selector for  baseball and chess, Raymundo Dijkhoff is also the head coach of Aruba’s only two athletes at the 27th Summer Universiade. Hailing from Auruba,… Continue reading

Skinner succeeds in her goal of gold

Catherine Skinner has won Australia’s fourth gold medal of the 27th Summer Universiade in Kazan, Russia. As one of Australia’s best women trap shooters, she has persevered to finally finish on top, going… Continue reading

A rampaging Russia: Gold medals galore

As host of the 2013 Summer Universiade, Russia is flexing its sporting muscle to the rest of the world. At the halfway point of the second greatest multi-nation sporting event in the world,… Continue reading


Meet Rendra. This pint-sized 25-year-old is the kindest Indonesian you could ever meet. He is cool and he is calm. The unique journalism graduate from the University of Muhummadiyah Malang  has ventured to… Continue reading

Synchronised diving silver: Sam and Esther

TDTV followed the silver success’ of Australian women’s 3m Synchronised divers, Samantha Mills and Esther Qin. Astonishingly, the newly crowned silver medallist’s train apart from one another in two different cities in Australia,… Continue reading

Young Aussie divers in sync for silver

Australian divers Samantha Mills and Esther Qin have won silver in the women’s 3m synchronised springboard diving competition – a feat made even more remarkable because of a unique training regime. Astonishingly, the… Continue reading