From the Crows nest on the Oosterschelde_AUDIO

Perhaps you have to experience sailing a tall ship to believe in such an amazing experience.

The Oosterschelde rides the waves comfortably and safely and sets a wonderful scene for experienced sailors, novices or adventurers willing to try something new. The Oosterschelde does not discriminate, she can accommodate anyone as long as they are willing to contribute and embrace to the journey.  From setting sails, climbing the rigging, keeping watch, adventuring out onto the bow – this experience is the real deal.

The people you meet and the places you see are the resounding standouts for the passengers and crew alike.


ON TOP OF THE WORLD: Ben, a Dutch Sailor, gives a wave from the very top mast of the Oosterschelde.

No single day is ever the same.

Listen in to some exclusive interviews/ chats undertaken from the very top of the Oosterschelde’s sails.

Would you do it?


CROWING AT THE TOP: At the Crows nest conducting interviews on the Oosterschelde.