The Mallee Maulers are not only ready to maul, but also set to enthral.

With a flurry of talented basket ballers, the Mallee Maulers are primed to take the North Melbourne Basketball League (NMBL) by storm. In their first ever season, this basketball organization pins themselves on being “the best basketball club in the world, both on and off the court.”

Players including Jackson Quirk, Tobias Thoolen, Bede Mahon and Chris Smith will be the headline acts in the Maulers debut, while the ever improving Andrew Lolicato, Jackson Cook and Thomas Dullard are also tipped to make the final squad for the clubs first ever match.

Ex-Mildura Demon Josh Gaylor is unlikely to play until the tail end of the season due to some toe-nail bruising. While the clubs Accounts and Finances Manager, Jayden Lenon will also miss a run of early games because of a club-related research trip to Thailand.

The Maulers go through their paces against some boys down at the local training court.

While number one ticket holder Bryan Pye has been priming himself for the season opener and Club Ambassador Josh Jenkins will be following the first game via social media.

The organization was created with the help of some private financial backers, but ex-Swan hill flyer U12 state champion Tobias Thoolen has been in the thick of the clubs creation. Fittingly, the 195cm founder and co-owner is an early favorite to take out the Maulers first ever players-player.

Although the bookies have suspended the markets, Quirk has also lit up the outside courts in several practice matches. His style and skill is set to turn heads in the NMBL, but his stamina and discipline on a weekend is something that deterred several other interested clubs. An attribute that the Maulers hierarchy is hoping will work in their favor, appointing Quirk as the social calendar President.

The first ever Maulers players-player will be anointed at the seasons end, the voting system will include a two-vote card from every player, each game. A source inside the club, said they were in talks with Rio Vista Manager Joyce Maggio to hold a best and fairest extravaganza open to the public – namely the Maulers adoring fans.

Self appointed President and Property Steward, Bede Mahon said the Maulers will be looking the goods and ready to ruffle some feathers in their opening season.

“There has been meticulous planning to get us to where we are – from the very top right through – the Maulers are primed to take this league by the horns. Both on and off the court,” he said.

“Our gurneseys have been tailor made, with a Mallee Bull the vocal point and red and black trimmings to add to the professionalism, this group of people from the Mallee is going to make all of our adoring fans proud”.

“We are setting ourselves up to take over the world, and it starts in our inaugural performance on Tuesday night. We are as ready as we ever will be,” Mahon said.

History will be made, when the club makes its first official appearance on the court  of Aegis Stadium in North Melbourne on Tuesday 30 October in their first game at 10pm.

The organisation is in discussions with Josh Jenkins, NBL supertsar, ex-Townsville Croc and current Adelaide Crows footballer. Sources close to the club say that talks surround an Ambassador role, but Jenkins – also from the Mallee – is driving a hard deal. More to come.

In a late twist, the Club is not off the ground yet, as they anxiously await the arrival of their team uniforms. Bede Mahon, the Maulers Property Steward is reportedly in hot water.

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