Olympics – Capturing the World

The Olympic Games have captured the Universe.

From Saudi Arabia, to Jamaica, Ireland, Australia and beyond.

Six astronauts living aboard the International Space Station are even making time in their busy schedules to watch the 2012 Summer Olympics from space.

In a new letter to Earth, NASA astronaut Joe Acaba, an avid sports fan, describes being able to catch some of the exciting events while in orbit.

“Even with all the work we had to do, we found time to get together and watch the Olympics,” Acaba wrote in a post to his blog, “Of course everyone knows there is something special about the Olympics and that feeling is not lost in space.”

Most runners make history for how fast they go. Sarah Attar had the entire stadium cheering her on even though she was dead last in her race. It didn’t matter.

It is these types of special stories that make the Games so remarkable. And it is why people from all over the world are sacrificing sleep for the action.

Soaking up the Olympics while they last. My alarm clock on the morning of August 10, 2012. Day 13 of the London Games

It is hard to put a finger on what exactly makes the Olympics such a spectacle around the world – most likely the acts of determination and sportsmanship reals us in.

Or having a chance to see the best athletes in the world do battle, break records and create history is it.

Cue Usain Bolt – the entertainer, the runner, the legend.

Or the acts of courage and uniqueness the Games throw up.

Cue Sarah Attar – who made a different kind of history – She had the entire stadium cheering her on even though she was dead last in her race. It didn’t matter, she was the first Saudi Arabian woman ever to be allowed by her country to run in the Olympics.

But, behind the jubilation lies a sad feeling that when the Games end, we’ll be back to the grim reality: Politicians talking gibberish, Big-brother on our screens and violence, among other things will be back in the front of our minds.

But, for now. It is time to relinquish the Olympic Games, embrace the bad moments and cherish the unbelievable.